Community Wants/Wishlist

10 thoughts on “Community Wants/Wishlist”

  1. I would like to see both groups combine to or organize a benefit for the people who lost their home in Weyakwin. We should all work together for something good to happen.

  2. The main entrance to Ramsey Bay including Beaver & Otter Crescent is used by
    most cabin owners and visitors on a daily bases.
    We also support dust proofing on Beaver & Otter in one form or another. Perhaps a cold asphalt application should also be researched . Including the cost and the availability of funding in the Norther Municipal Revenue Sharing for this project.

    1. We have been getting quotes for 2 years and negotiating to have canola oil applied on the roads. There is some info in last meeting minutes. I will pass ur comment onto that committee.

  3. it would great to have new update on a phone directory list here from cottage owners ,if that’s possible.

  4. The hall IS available free of charge to anyone who wishes to start a coffee club and meet there on a daily or weekly basis to socialize over a cup of coffee or tea. All that is required is that someone ask and the hall will be opened for that purpose. I can be reached by phone 281-2517 or email

    Or if you choose, the campground owners have inside and outside tables set up at their store for visiting. They provide Tassimo coffee and tea at a charge of $1.75 per cup.

    And let’s all remember to pay the docking fee of $25 per cabin to the campground owners to show our support for the great job they do maintaining the public docks and filleting sheds.

  5. Absolutely!! The campground does have a pretty good store. Maybe we should tell them they need a coffee counter too. And we could use the hall if the doors were open to the community, like they should be.

  6. I wish we had some of the things we used to have e.g. A store with a cafe that was a gathering place, a walking trail along the lakeshore.

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