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RBCOA hall decision 0215  February 17, 2015: Finally our tax dollars are liberated from the hall, a private business.  This decision confirms that both coa’s are of equal standing; both are recreation, social and advisory boards; NMA is our governing body not required to take advice; the WCOA has ownership privileges & revenue/expense control of the Ramsey Bay Recreation Hall; and that both clubs have to consult each other and agree for any funding from NMA/tax dollars for projects etc..

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  1. Great job! Finally, you’ve stopped the flow of our tax dollars to pay the bills of the private business run by WCOA. Finally, you made Brad Henry of NMA listen to you. Keep up the good work that you’re doing!

  2. 1) The email that you were surprised was published came from a taxpaying cabin owner, it is apparent from previous emails I haven’t published due to the tone of them that club affiliation is not the concern here. This person works at the U of S where the emails originate from during work hours according to the IP address. It is preferable they divulge their identity however it’s easy to deduce who they are because everything on the internet is discoverable, as well as permanent. Everyone should know this website is not anonymous.
    2) As for discussing issues between the 2 clubs – attached is an email dated June 29, 2014 (4 days after the La Ronge meeting) from the President of the RBCOA to you requesting information on the hall issue which was the only issue for the 2 clubs to discuss after the meeting in La Ronge on June 24, 2014. See comment #1 You chose to ignore it and try to discuss other issues instead, to filibuster and spread more falsehoods, see second attached email dated August 15 to 22, 2014. See comment #2 There is nothing to discuss other than where our tax dollars are being spent. You should be paying your own expenses, you have no problem collecting the revenue.
    3) You say “time to put personal beefs aside…” however you ran around the community a full week after the big snowfall and told people that the snow removal operator hired by the NMA, who OPENED the roads (with exception of Marten, Porcupine and Squirrel, they were done) after the storm so that the grader and residents could be mobile, was purposely vindictive, your words. You said he had closed in the ski trails on Hewitt Road. Check your facts Carol, ask the B & B owner for the information you are seeking or the grader operator to see who was actually responsible before you start broadcasting false information, it doesn’t lend much credibility to your detective skills and you are so wrong. For your information the equipment operators are not required to leave the entrances open. That day Hewitt Road was only opened a one lane strip down the middle and moved the trees off so the grader could pass to clear the roads there. The point is if you were truly interested in community synergy you wouldn’t be starting and propagating this type of malicious false gossip. As for the ski trails the grader has always covered the entrances in and the community has dug them out, not pointed fingers, usually the snowmobile club would help exponentially to clear the trails, you haven’t lived here very long so you probably didn’t know that. As President of the WCOA and a representative of your membership it’s expected that you should be more community minded and less personal vendetta oriented.
    4) The answer to your last question – the RBCOA is only willing to work with the WCOA once the issue of the hall is resolved and only on issues regarding the use of our local tax expenditures as we are equal advisors for that purpose. There are crossover residents who don’t see a problem with 2 clubs, why can’t you just let us be? Does Safeway have to agree/work with Co-op because they are on the same block in the same community? Stick to the issue at hand Carol, my tax dollars pay your private business taxes then you pocket your proceeds from renting the building where all bills are paid by tax dollars!!!! Think of it this way – if I rent you my house, give you ownership privileges, should I then pay your cable bill, phone bill, taxes, rent, water, power, etc. and not receive anything in return while you sub lease to other tenants, great deal for you, not for the taxpayers(regardless of club affiliation) !!!

  3. I am surprised you posted this without the “cottage owner” putting their name to their remark. It would hold more weight then!
    And yes, it would be great if the RBCOA executive would sit down and discuss their issues with the WCOA executive, as requested by the WCOA on numerous occasions. After all we are all ADULTS here. Time to put personal beefs aside to work for the betterment of ALL cottage owners at our wonderful resort. I’m prepared to work with any and all. Are you??

  4. How ridiculous is it that our tax dollars pay the hall’s taxes? Where in the history of the economy would an owner (the taxpayers) pay all the bills and taxes for the renter (the WCOA) and let them keep all their proceeds to spend on themselves???? What a great deal for them, for the rest of us we get our tax dollars spent on a private business and the community is falling apart. I think something has to change.

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