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  1. I have to say I grew up at the lake since I was a small boy. And to see two associations now. And that they act like kids arguing over small petty things. Is pretty sad when you guys are double my age I think I speak for a lot of people at the lake when I say all of you people should grow up and stop acting like kids before the government comes in and wrecks are peaceful get away because of this are weyakwin days August went way way down hill the bickering between the two groups is pathetic your not in elementary school
    Weyakwin use to be a fun awesome place to be and raise a family. Away from the commercialized lakes and majorly off the radar of the government. Your two groups are wrecking and are continue to wreck it for the future generations at weyakwin.
    My last words. Please grown up and be civilized adults your not in elementary school anymore quit wrecking our community

    1. It’s funny you should say that. As a matter of FACT when the 2 executives, or majority of, met with NMA last June I asked for both clubs to close down and create a new one that would include the whole community. Carol Rowan immediately responded, and I quote, “no then we would lose the hall.” Maybe she shouldn’t be so concerned with who runs the hall and should be more concerned with community synergy. I wish the lakecould be like it used to as well, my childrengrew up there too. We can never go back only forward!!!

  2. We would prefer that people provide their real info but I posted it anyway because I agree with the jyst. You r correct, Carol did know when ours was and had since March 28. She could’ve done things differently once again.

  3. Petty and ridiculous the wcoa having a boat rally the same day as yours. Carol R knew when yours was as she was at the meeting on March 28th when she said she wasn’t sure if they were having one or not. It’s taped so she can’t lie about it. Community being split further? Thanks carol no wonder no one likes you.

    1. Yes it is unfortunate that the old WCOA took it upon themselves to hold their rally the same day despite being informed months in advance of the RBCOA’s Community event . I guess this is their way of trying to ruin a RBCOA function. I only hope the general public who want to enjoy holidays at our beautiful lake join in the fun rather than this pettiness. I know that my family will set out to be a part of the traditional annual boat rally and will be at the beach Friday night to see the firework show ! Anonymous

  4. Friday, May 22, 2015: Landfill Update – Please let your members, residents and guests know that for the next while (and possibly for the summer) the following steps have been implemented: There will be an additional worker out at the landfill. The workers’ main purpose is to monitor what types of garbage are actually being brought to the landfill away from Tianna’s watchful eye, and where they are disposing of their garbage. The worker will also do some litter clean-up when time allows. I’ve instructed them to not confront those who choose to disregard direction, but log it and I will follow-up with RCMP or Conservation as needed or legislated. Tianna will now be asking those who have covered their garbage with tarp, etc. to open it up for her to inspect as she sees fit. We are going to install a wildlife camera in the area to try and figure out who has been leaving garbage either outside the gate when it is closed, or leaving it outside Tianna’s shed door. Usually by the time Tianna gets to the garbage it has been ripped open and scattered by animals, this only encourages the animals to hang around Tianna’s shed putting her safety at risk. We will continue to update you as things progress. On Wednesday the Deputy Mayor & I went out and did an inspection of the different areas. We saw treated wood, a chair, piece of rug, drywall and garbage bags in the brush pile. This is going to have to be hand-sorted or crushed like the treated wood is… either way it will not be a quick or cheap fix. The barrel that is by the wood pile has gasoline in it. Someone threw a mattress and wooden (bed?) frame into the pit. There’s a tire in the metal pile. I haven’t heard back from Michael Rathwell regarding our request for a temporary pit. The temporary pit will only last for approximately a year, during that time we will have to engage an engineer and have a new pit designed and built according provincial standards. We don’t know who’s responsible, and are not pointing fingers at any one particular person. Who know what the camera will show us? It is unforunate that these steps had to be taken to try and protect, and keep our landfill. If anyone reading this knows they may have been responsible in part, we humbly request that you stop. The rules and guidelines are in place for exactly the above mentioned reasons. The “fix” is not going to be cheap… and the cost will be shared by us all. This has been frustrating and disappointing for everyone trying to rectify these issues.
    Respectfully, Flora Kraus, Clerk
    Northern Hamlet of Weyakwin
    Box 295 Weyakwin, SK S0J 1W0
    T: 306-663-5820 F: 360-663-5112
    Wednesday, May 27, 2015: Community Garden Information: Good Afternoon!

    Stella and I have been receiving requests from your community members for space in our garden. Right now the best answer we have is… not yet. The exception to this is Morris & Winnie who have been planting and helping with maintenance and security at the garden for years.

    We are waiting to see if there are any plots left once everyone in Weyakwin is done planting. I am taking names and they will be called as soon as I know either way.

    So if you know anyone wanting to plant in our garden just get them to give me a call and I will put them on the list.

    Flora Kraus, Clerk Northern Hamlet of Weyakwin
    T: 306-663-5820 F: 360-663-511

  5. Very informative meeting today with guest speaker Natasha Merriman, this well attended meeting even included 2 executive members from another local club. Questions were asked and answers were provided. Thanks for your efforts Natasha!
    Despite some unexplained outbursts and questions by visitors, the balance of the general meeting went fine, with good discussions on valid concerns. I know the WCOA has a policy of submitting questions in writing for pre-approval prior to their meeting, but I hope we can maintain our transparency with an opportunity for open questions/answers in a timely, courteous, and organized fashion.

    Weyakwin property tax payer

  6. Permanent Residents…….
    Just some thoughts on the differences between “permanent residents” and “non-permenant residents” THERE ARE NONE!
    When I hear these terms used it offends me and it should offend everyone, as it implies one or the other is less important. Can’t we all be considered Property Owners, therefore equal?
    The combined property taxes play the same important role within the community and ALL the voices and opinions matter. If property owners choose not to participate in any local social clubs, that should in no way make their views on tax revenues and how they are spent less important. Nor should it reflect on how they are viewed as a “neighbour” within the Community.
    Campaigning, harassment, berating should never be part of this communities culture.

    Your Neighbour

  7. I want to send kudos to whom ever initiated the clearing of brush, etc. in both ditches between the highway and our community as this will allow for better, safer snowmobiling in future years. Not sure if this great effort was from the snowmobile club or just Dept of Highways, but it sure has improved the view of our Community Signage.

  8. April 25, 2014 I have read the documents that were recently posted (April, 2014) on your website and have noted the copy of the email sent by Colleen Digness to both the RBCOA and the other association (WCOA) stating that the two groups should make a list of what each see as issues and convene a joint meeting to discuss those issues so they, Northern Municipal Services (NMS), did NOT have to “step in”. That email was dated December, 2012.

    I have spoken personally to both you and Doug, and two other couples whom I know have memberships in the RBCOA. I have also spoken to most executive members of the WCOA. In all those conversations I also stated that the people involved in both associations needed to sit down and talk about their issues and resolve their differences.
    I have seen copies of emails from the WCOA to the RBCOA requesting such a meeting. I had hoped that the “issues” could have been resolved by the adults involved in both associations long before now.
    It is unfortunate that this confrontation has spilled out into the greater community of Ramsey Bay and that Northern Municipal Services are also being forced into getting involved.
    Arbitration won’t work if the local people involved won’t make an effort to resolve this first.
    I trust you will not deem this as “spam”.

    1. As administrator of the website I would like to point out that I do not decide which opinions to post, nor do I forward on the comments for approval from the executive. The moderation is only for obscenity and malicious content. All opinions are welcome. This website is only interested in fairly representing public opinion objectively and as presented by the author. I would never deem a comment spam due to personal opinions and differences.

  9. Some of the suggests made such play ground equipment, park type benches and exercising and saturday morning coffee with you neigbors is a great idea, these are all real community type builders.

  10. Hi everyone I would like to suggest a topic for the meeting which I feel is important, is a recycling area for plastics and cans,newspapers,cardboard and glass. Before disposal of cans all paper labels would have to be removed and rinse well, this would also include glass products. To start with we could have barrels set up with overhead cover roof and samples of what would go in each barrel, this is one idea maybe someone has a better one. The recylcing then could be hauled to LaRonge as reguired, this would help the landfill from getting all fill up so quickly and we would be doing our part for the environment.

  11. It sure is nice to see all the “traffic” this web site has attracted. This means you have a opportunity to be heard, and going into 2013 it would be good to see some comments and suggestions for activities and/or improvements in and around the Bay. What small or large suggestions would make this special place better?
    – More playground equipment.
    – Animal proof garbage recepticals, at beach, docks, and hall.
    – Park type benches, at different locations.
    – Change house at the beach.
    – Improvements to the areas around the beaches.
    – Would you like to see more activities or improved access to the Hall for private, instructional, exercise, or just a Saturday morning coffee with neighbours.
    – Or maybe you feel there is already to many organized functions at the Bay.

    This is not limited to members, just the 200 plus cottage owners, spouses, extended family, relatives, friends, etc.
    All suggestions, whether or not there is interest to participate in a improvment would be appreciated.

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