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  1. THIS COMMENT HAS BEEN EDITED TO REMOVE BIASED CONTENT: I would like to know the plans you have regarding signage at Ramsey Bay.
    We have also been looking into signage issues and we have some ideas to bring to the table. We also have some quotes for road signs.

    I am also interested in the canola oil dust-proofing for our roads that you stated on your website you have been looking into for the past two years. It’s an interesting concept. There are lots of folks utilizing used canola oil from the restaurant industry to fuel vehicles and I’m sure there are many other things it can be used for.

    1. Thank you Carol for endorsing our ideas, club and the work we have been doing in the community. Right now the processes that have been in place since the inception of the RBCOA in October, 2012 will remain. Therefore because these ideas were presented on the forecast sheets (that each club is provided yearly from the NMA) in 2012 as a portion of the community improvements we would like to see, we will be continuing with these projects as we have been in those committees and groups. At this point we are through the planning stages and in the implementation stage of both. If there are new projects or ideas in the future at that point they would be posted for discussion, an objective committee would be formed and the project would take on it’s own life. These specific projects don’t require further input at this point, however should they – we will post it for public discussion and input and you would be welcome to comment and share your ideas. Once again thank you for patronizing our site and participating in our discussions regarding our community living & health.

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