Meeting Minutes

RBCOA Meeting Minutes

Natasha at the helm

Annual Meeting Minutes 03/28/15  annagenda032815

Handouts and attachments from meeting:

presreportann032815  financials 2014   forecast 2015  NMA letter to rbcoa 21715      coa pres’ email pg 1     coa pres’ email pg 2  Rebuttal to Rowan comments pg 1   Rebuttal to Rowan comments pg 2 WCOA fund request pg 1  WCOA fund request pg 2 WCOA fund request pg 3


Annual Meeting Minutes 02/16/2014 2014 Annual Meeting Agenda 021614 <Click on links or attachments below.

RBCOA Annual Meeting 02/17/13

Other Meetings (see attachments below for minutes or notes)

Final Hall/Tax dollars decision from NMA – RBCOA hall decision 0215

Sakaw meeting January 22, 2015 – Forsite and Carrier informed the residents of future plans,, regarding logging.  A more detailed report will be available at the annual meeting on March 28, 2015.

1)  June 24 2014 – Meeting with Ramsey Bay COA’s June 24, 2014

2) WCOA Response to Hall for RBCOA Rally 0614 June 2014

3) RBCOA Hall Position 0614 June 2014

Weyakwin Town Council Meeting Dec 2012

Weyakwin Town Council Meeting April 2013