About Us

Ramsey Bay Cottage Owners Association, RBCOA, is a non-profit Saskatchewan membership corporation that is a social, recreation and advisory board for the cabin owners in Ramsey Bay, Weyakwin Lake, SK.

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1)  The RBCOA (Ramsey Bay Cottage Owners Association Inc.) is a legal entity formed and registered with Corporate Affairs, which is the federal and provincial governing agency for corporations in Canada.  The RBCOA has also complied with all guidelines set out by all government agencies, including the NMA, in order to be an advisory and social board for the community.  The RBCOA is absolutely legal and just in the formation and activities they have carried and are carrying out.

2)  The reason the club was formed in October, 2012 was to give an option for representation in Ramsey Bay.  Residents didn’t feel they were being properly represented to the government, as a tax payer, in our community interests and in general.